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Perspective and Other Optical Illustions

Good books about perspective drawing are few and far between. This one is not just informative. It's fun. Click on the book cover to buy it from Amazon.



bk: Optical Illustions Optical Illusions:
The Science of Visual Perception

From an review:
Optical Illusions is an intriguing collection of baffling images and shapes that change before your eyes: hidden figures, incredible designs and dazzling graphic patterns.
The book includes such well-known optical illusions as Shepard's Tabletop, Wade's Spiral, theFloating Finger illusion, Ames Room, and Rubin's Face/Vase illusion. There are more than 275 illusions in all, with explanations of each image and notes about the science of visual perception.
Every type of optical illusion is here, including figure/ground illusions, in which one shape switches into another and back again, ambiguous figures, impossible objects, trompe l'oeil (fool the eye), stereo illusions.
With illusions rendered in photography, artwork, and computer imaging, and its huge variety of themes and effects, Optical Illusions dazzles both the mind and the eye.



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