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Art instruction
Rent DVDs for about $10 per week

You've probably heard of Netflix
is great for renting popular movies, but where do you go to get instructional DVDs? For several years, I've been renting from Smartflix.
I've rented movies about metalworking, clock repair, machining, woodworking, and of course, art.

Here's how it works
You look through their collection of more than 3600 titles, choose one you like, and rent it for about $10 for an entire week. If you receive it on Tuesday, you watch it and get it back in the mail by the following Tuesday.
Smartflix pays postage in both directions. What a deal.

If you have a hobby, they probably have an instructional movie for you. And that includes growing collection of art-instruction videos. I've attached some art links below, and a more general link on the left.

Click on a link below to see SmartFlix's collection of art-instruction DVDs. If you like what you see, open an account and give them a try.

Painting: Oil

Painting: Watercolor


Painting: Acrylic

Pastel & Charcoal

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All rights reserved

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