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Fast and furious is fun

Have you ever tried to paint fast? I don't mean just a little bit fast, but really fast--maybe even furiously fast.

How fast do you paint?
I think most people paint too slowly, worrying over accuracy that's difficult to attain and detail that doesn't matter. What's worse, when the painting is complete, they just keep fiddling with it. There must be something in an artist's DNA that says a painting can't be art unless it takes hours to complete.

If you've never done a painting in under 15 minutes, you haven't lived. Here's a project to force you to climb out of that rut you're in.


Procedure for five-minute painting:

If you try this from time to time, you will produce some works that are better than you normally paint. And some will be worse. But all will be more interesting, exciting, and creative than those tired, old, nit-picking paintings that you just can't let go.

My own experience
Some of my best paintings have been done in well under an hour--sometimes in just a few minutes. The picture shown below, Lakewood Shack, was done in under 15 minutes.

Watercolor painting - Lakewood Shack

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