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Through a Glass Darkly

Scanner art for abstract ideas

Today's lesson is about using your desktop scanner to create meaningless shapes in moments. You can alter them, enlarge or reduce them, rotate them, and put them together in an infinite number of combinations. Best of all, most of you already have the needed materials to do all of this.

Here's how you do it:


These examples show you what I did with just a few objects around my computer. Total time? About four minutes.

Scanner art - Hand with phoneScanner Art - My hand


For this first example, I just waved my hand to make this pattern. Look, you can see my fingers.



Scanner art - Spectacles

This is a pair of reading glasses. I like the reflections.





Scanner art - calculatorA Salvador Dali-esque version of an electronic calculator. I call it Persistence of Numbers.





Scanner Art - combo

Finally, a combination of several scans. If you use Adobe Photoshop or one of the many similar programs, you can get some really bizarre images.



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